How to install Bi-Fold Doors in your Closet

How to install BiFold Doors in your ClosetNo matter if we’re talking about small or large closets, bi-fold doors are certainly a great choice to consider. These doors not only open a lot wider compared to other types out there and offer greater access, but they also give the room a finished and nice look and take up little space.

If you recently purchased yourself a few of these doors, then take a look below in order to see how you can install them.

Bi-fold Doors Installation First Steps

Bi-fold doors work with a track and snugger guide assembly and also with a bracket on the floor. Before you install them, you need to carefully measure the height and width of the opening into which the doors are going to be installed in.

For instance, if you have a closet that opens thirty six inches wide, you’ll need a single 2-panel bi-fold door. A closet that’s wider than that is going to require a minimum of 2 two-panel units. Also, if you do plan on painting the doors, you should do that before installing them.

For those of you who prefer watching instead of reading here is a video that shows all of the bi-fold doors installation steps.

Top Pivots and Bottom Brackets Installation

If you want to install the bracket on a carpet floor, you should remove the padding and the carpet there you’ll position it. If you want, you can also lift the bracket above the carpet by using a wood block and you can then proceed with using screws to secure the bracket.
Bifold door installation - top pivot

  1. The top pivot needs to be set in the top hole on the pivot door. After that, make sure to use a hammer for tapping it into position.
  1. The guide pivot needs to be set in the hole on the guide door. Again, make sure to use a hammer for tapping it into position.
  1. The bottom pivot will now need to be installed in the bottom hole on the pivot door. Make sure to use a hammer for tapping it into position.
  1. Ensure that the jamb bracket on the floor is in line with the track.
  2. Holes should now be drilled into the floor and the jamb to install the jamb bracket screws.
  3. At this point, the screws and jamb brackets should be installed.


Door Panels Installation,  Adjustment and Alignment

Bifold door installation - top pivots

  1. The top pivot should be placed into the pivot hole.
    However, the door needs to be lifted a bit after which the bottom pivot should be seated in the jamb bracket.
  2. The snugger guide should be inserted into the track.
  3. The guide pivot should be depressed in order to fit inside the track.

To adjust the door panels, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This generally goes like this:

Height adjustment:

  1. The door should be lifted out of the jamb bracket.
  2. To lower or raise the door as per your needs, rotate the bottom pivot.

To make the door plumb:

  1. 1. The bottom pivot should be set after lifting the door so there’s a reasonable gap along the jamb at the bottom.
  2. Use a tape measure to verify the gap at the top.
  3. The screw in the top pivot bracket needs to be loosened. Next, carefully consider adjusting the position and retighten.

Door pulls and aligners installation:Bifold door installation - secure aligners

  1. A mark should be made about thirty six inches from the floor. For proper operation and appeal it should be centered on all the guide doors.
  2. After drilling the required holes insert into them provided door pull screws and screw-on the pulls
  3. Step inside the closet and close the doors.
  4. From the interior of the closet, a line should be marked on both doors about twelve inches from the floor.
  5. Each aligner should be held on the mark and then secured with screws to the surface.

You made it! Congratulations on your brand new bi-fold doors installation!

Enjoy the rest of your day.